Thoughts about being a newly-minted adult (Part 1)

1. Making it through 16 years of school is like swimming a frenzied race in an Olympic swimming pool. Making it through the rest of your life as an adult is like swimming a race, too, but in the Pacific ocean.

My life up until now has been molded from inside a giant pressure cooker. I was shuttled back and forth between piano lessons and tutoring camps my whole childhood, and through high school, I had few priorities beyond achieving academic success and getting into an elite college. My peers were all doing the same. Despite my complete lack of agency through it all, I didn’t have to think about any of the what’s or the why’s. I just needed to do.

me in a nutshell

2. You have a bigger impact on the people around you than you think

You might have a memory of words that someone has said to you once in passing that have become deeply seared into your memory. You can remember the conversation in all of its detail — the context surrounding the encounter, the expression they had when they said the words, and the inflection of their voice. You carry this moment around with you for ages, relivable at a moment's notice.

Have you seen this guy’s TED Talk? Worth the watch :)

3. Let’s talk Politics: Liberal and Conservative narratives are inconsistent

Should we embrace or deny our differences as people? Well, obviously, according to my liberal value system, I’m all about celebrating and making accommodations for all of our differences: Clothing brands should promote inclusivity by offering options that suit all different body types, and public buildings should install accessibility options catered to people of all levels of ability. Separate curriculums should be designed for students with special needs. The arguments for this are simple. Modern cosmopolitan society has evolved since the days when it was designed just for privileged, white, heterosexual, able-bodied individuals.

Hmmm... those shirts… (picture is from a Trump rally in 2018), Washington Post
I can’t handle this much irony (Vice News, 2020)

(stay tuned for part 2…)



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Gloria Feng

Gloria Feng

Writer, Cog-Neuro Research Assistant @ Yale. Presenting my thoughts about self-development and life as a former college student ||