Quarantine Diaries (Part 4)

Monday (4/20): Functional programming

I watched a computer science lecture on functional programming today. I admit my mind was pretty blown upon learning about this whole new way to approach programming! It also hit me how useful these concepts are for data analysis. Two summers ago, I had a research advisor who sang the praises of functional programming techniques in R, so much that she’d write impassioned rants on Twitter about how for loops and R programming shouldn’t mix. Now I know what she’s talking about ❤

Tuesday (4/21): “My body, my choice”


Wednesday (4/22): Python Script for Whole Foods Online Checkouts

Thursday (4/23): Politeness Theory

While I was deep in a rabbit hole watching a linguistics video about Japanese Pragmatics, I learned about this socio-linguistic theory proposed by Penelope Brown and Stephen C. Levinson called Politeness Theory. At the core of the theory is the concept of ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ face, where positive face represents the natural need for belonging and admiration, and negative face represents the natural need for autonomy or freedom from imposition.

Friday (4/24) — My first academic conference, and thoughts about awkward zoom moments

I attended my first academic conference today! This was the Society for Affective Science’s (SAS) annual conference — since it has gone virtual this year, I was able to snag a spot. The theme of the conference was about examining the role of affect in politics and partisanship, featuring talks by Paula Niedenthal, Morteza Dehghani, Nathan Kalmoe, Robb Willer, and more :D

  1. Getting cold-called over zoom if you haven’t been paying attention in class. Embarrassment multiplies by ten if it takes several seconds to fly through all of your open windows to get back to the classroom window on zoom
  2. Reading something really funny while on video, and being unable to suppress a dumb grin on your face at an inappropriate moment during class
  3. Listening to a big lecture and there are two people breathing heavily and another person eating chips loudly into the microphone
  4. Forgetting to mute or off-video yourself…

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