Quarantine Diaries (Part 3)

Still sheltering in place.

(Monday 4/13): Joining writing communities

Today, I scoured the internet for tips on how to be a better writer. Of the dozens of listicles I read, here were the points I found good and tractable:

  • Find a writing partner or workshop
  • Don’t revise as you write ( I’m currently super guilty of this)

(Tuesday 4/14): Late-night dining table chat about imperfect parenting

After the kids were put to bed for the evening, Laura (my sister), my mom, and I had a good chat over the dining table. We do this sometimes, eating grapes or peeling clementines as we pass the hours.

(Wednesday 4/15): Emily stole my chapsticks

Two nights ago, as I was doing my skincare routine and fumbling through my toiletries bag, I paused, puzzled. My chapstick vanished. I looked around the bathroom, peered around every corner, and jerked open every drawer. When I couldn’t find it, I shrugged and went back to my room to fetch my last spare to replace it.

(Thursday 4/16): Emily turns 4

Today is Emily’s 4th birthday! This was in the middle of the workweek so, between my three zoom lectures and two problem sets, I felt as though I barely had enough time to enjoy it fully. Nevertheless, all of us got off work a bit earlier for the day so that we could throw her a fabulous birthday party. Emily was kind of bitter that she had to spend her birthday around an anemic bunch of grownups and old people instead of her friends, but we made do. We promised her that once this pandemic was over, she’d be able to have an even more spectacular 5th birthday with all of her girlfriends next year. FINGERS CROSSED.

(Friday 4/17): Shoveling mulch for a day

This morning, I heard the rumbling sound of a loud dump truck outside our house. When it eventually drove off and the noise receded, I shrugged and continued my work. An hour later, I saw a message from Laura to our family group chat that said “Why is there a pile of mud in our driveway?”

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